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Movement Monitor

Product number short: emfit-movement

The Emfit Movement Monitor is the latest technology for monitoring an individual during sleep who may experience certain types of movements, such as muscle spasms, which a caregiver or family member should be alerted to. The Emfit Movement Monitor is not classified as a Medical Device. It is designed for general population use, and is available for sale in the USA and Canada only.

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Optional Remote Alarm

Product number short: remote

The Emfit Movement Monitor emits a high-frequency alarm that is designed to carry, especially at night when all daytime noises are eliminated. However, if you are concerned that you may not be close enough to the monitor to hear the alarm we offer an optional wireless, plug-in Remote Alarm that will sound up to 500 feet from the main control unit kept at bedside.

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Medical grade AC adapter

Product number short: AC-adapter

Optional AC adapter, 5 V DC. If using in the U.S. or Canada, only the U.S./Canada-compatible plug will be included. Please specifiy in comment section when checking out f you need additional globally compatible plugs.

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