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Emfit Movement Monitor helps to detect Tonic Clonic seizures

Movement Monitor

The Emfit Movement Monitor is the latest technology for monitoring an individual who, during sleep, may experience certain types of movements which a caregiver or family member should be alerted to. The Emfit Movement Monitor is ideal for monitoring and detecting abnormal movements such as muscle spasms associated with a sleeping person.

The Emfit Movement Monitor consists of two main components: a flexible and durable bed sensor (L-4060SL) placed under the mattress and a bed-side monitor (D-2090-2G) with sophisticated embedded software. The Movement Monitor detects when a person has continuous faster movements over a pre-set amount of time and then triggers a notification. The system also notices light movements, thus making it equally suitable for small children.

The control unit can be clipped to the bed using the included clip, mounted on the wall using the included fastening bracket, or placed at bedside. It is operated with 2 pcs AA size 1.5 V batteries.  An optional, medical grade AC adapter is also available.

The Emfit Movement Monitor also makes it possible to notify the caregiver when a person leaves the bed and there are no more micro-movements, such as those caused by a person’s heartbeat. This can be especially useful for those who have a tendency to wander.

For short-distance notifications the Emfit Movement Monitor has an audible alarm with adjustable volume. It can also interface with most nurse call systems, wireless transmitters and personal emergency phones with the included dry-contact output (NO and NC).

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“The Emfit has saved my daughter's life multiple times. She is 3, has status seizures from Dravet Syndrome. Our Emfit went off in the middle of the night several times, alerting us to seizures. Thank you Emfit.” 

Gena D.

“We have the Emfit monitor and I truly believe it saved my daughter's life one night. It alerted us at 2am and she was having a tonic clonic that wasn't stopping on its own. We had to give emergency medications twice to end the seizure. With a history of long seizures and with how quiet she is when she seizes, I hate to think about what would have happened if we hadn't had it!”

Cara D.

“Our Emfit went off in the middle of the night and woke us so I could go in and check on my son (about 7.5-8 at the time). His stomach was convulsing causing him to vomit saliva, If we did not have the Emfit to wake us he may have choked to death and not been here with us today.”

Chandelle O.

“The (Emfit) alarm sounded at 5:32am on 8/19, I looked into the camera monitor, and Holly was having a seizure in her sleep. She was on her side and buried her face into her pillow while still having her seizure. I jumped up and ran to her room and rolled her over and she gasped for air as her seizure ended. I believe without that alarm, she just might have suffocated herself that morning. I thank God every day that she is still here and for foundations that help people! And for the technology that created all these monitors and equipment!”


“Without the Emfit monitor I know my Ale wouldn’t be here, the alarm went off and when we got in there he was not breathing. Yes it saved his life, and I can never say thank you enough to Julie and Chelsea's Foundation. We take the monitor with us when we go out of town, besides his medication, and magnet, the Emfit Monitor is part of us.”


“ I can't count the times our Emfit monitor has alerted us for my son. On several occasions I have found my son turning blue. I won't even let myself think about the what if's if we didn't have our monitor. Lifesaver for sure!!!!”

Cindy M.

“The Emit monitor that Chelsea Hutchinson's foundation purchased for us years ago has alerted us in order to get to our son in order to turn him over twice, it pains me to even think what would have happened if we hadn't had the Emfit. It does make all the difference, I genuinely believe that the Emfit likely saved his life so we could flip him over so he wasn't face down during a crisis.”

Stacy L.

“This strong little man of mine had a seizure tonight, the first he's had while asleep with his Emfit Monitor. I can't thank you enough for such a wonderful product especially now that I've seen it in action and it's helped keep Adam safe.”

Alyssa L.

“My email is to thank you for an amazing, one of a kind product that notified us last night of our son's first nighttime seizure. He's doing better with new anti-seizure medicine and last night was only a breakthrough seizure...I am such a believer in this product.”

Robert B.

“Life is fragile. Thank you for handling Dacey’s order with care. Ya’ll are just the best!”


“I cannot believe that after a year - with your help and reference - you made it possible to get in contact with Josh Provides, and now our son will be able to have his own room after 6 years when his seizures changed. Thank you for calling his Neurologist and explaining all the info about your product. Yay! We are beyond happy. Thank you so very much Christine. You and Bruce are amazing.”

Lisa V.

“I just want to say thank you! On Wednesday the alarm woke us up because Maggie was having a grand mal seizure. I have told soo many parents about this including her neurologist. Thank you for saving lives!!”

Kimberly D.

“Oh my goodness we just set up the Emfit Movement Monitor, finally got a waterproof sheet and tested it and Ben had a myoclonic seizure and it went off. What a relief to know we have this, now if we can figure out how to keep him from banging his head we will be all set!! Thank you so much Bruce Chapnick ( and Christine Ocean-Rintala (!!! I love it. This is amazing.”

Becky R.

“We recently purchased a monitor for our 15-year-old daughter who has tonic clonic generalized seizures. Last night at 8pm the monitor went off while she was sitting on her bed working on homework. I would have never known she was having a seizure if the alarm had not gone off. Then, the alarm went off again at 5 am and we were alerted to another seizure. As a 15-year-old, she does not want to have to keep her door open all the time or have mom or dad sleep in her room. So thankful for our monitor. It gives us peace of mind that we will be alerted if she is having a seizure, while allowing her to have her privacy and not have to feel like we are hovering over her all the time. Thank you Emfit.”

Laura R.

“Anyone considering EMFIT should definitely get one. We have had ours for a couple of months but never had a need until last night. Our son had his first tonic clonic in months at 2 am. His EMFIT alarmed and we were able to be with him, and put him on his side and help as his face was buried in his pillow. He had another with the paramedics present, but if it had not been for Emfit he may have stayed in status and we would not have known. Emfit saved his life”

Robert D.

“I am so grateful to you all at Emfit. I unfortunately have three of your alarms and all of my boys can sleep soundly now. My eldest says he knows he can sleep safely and confident in knowing he's safe! This in itself has brought a warm tingle to me knowing that he feels like this…his life they said, has most definitely been saved a few times. Thank you all for such a life-saving alarm.”

Lee-Anne M.

“Unbelievable equipment...we got up every hour or so for 20 we have help from EMFIT... and it works!”

Robert B.

I wanted to let you know I received the Emfit (Movement Monitor) this afternoon. Words will never be able to describe my appreciation for this generous help for our family. Times have definitely been not only emotionally tough but have also been financially hard on our family. Without your help we would have not been able to obtain the Emfit and have some peace of mind. Thank you David ( for your help and thank you Julie ( for this amazing gift. I wanted to share with you a picture of Giuliana, this way you can see who this will be helping.”

Karin M.


Well I have written to you before....and this is my 2nd time. My 19 month old granddaughter, Charlotte, had a seizure at 2:45am. Her parents were immediately alerted by the Emfit. Honestly, this is the 2nd time it has probably saved her life. This time she was sick with a fever that happened sometime after she had went to bed. Emfit, Corp. all this meemaw can say is you are worth your weight in GOLD!!! This has worked 100% of the time for our family and we cannot thank you enough...for saving our baby and for giving her parents a device they can trust where they can rest and sleep.

Sherry G.

Six years ago I bought this monitor for my daughter Ayla after she had a seizure for an hour and I was unaware. Christine Ocean-Rintala was awesome. I am grateful every day for this monitor and this company.”

Melissa B.

“Years ago when Emfit was still fairly new in the USA we purchased the Emfit Movement Monitor to help us monitor our daughter’s seizures (Christine Ocean was a great help to us.) Despite numerous medications and two brain surgeries our daughter still has an extremely high number of seizures daily and especially during her sleep. This monitor has been a lifesaver as at times, when it has alerted us, we have found her experiencing a generalized (tonic-clonic) seizure where her face has been buried in her bedding or pillow . Without this alert she probably would have died due to the inability to breathe. The monitor is essential in our home and we have often recommended it to other families who are dealing with this disorder.”

Irene B.

We have been so grateful for our Emfit monitor for our daughter. We spent years questioning if she had a nocturnal seizure and now we don't have to anymore. Her Emfit monitor has given us peace of mind finally for the first time in 5 years since her Epilepsy diagnosis. We can't thank you enough.

Trish L.

My son has epilepsy benign rolandic. His seizures happen when he sleeps. I bought a Emfit and it’s the best thing I did. Now I can rest myself knowing that the machine will alert me. What a wonderful sense of relief. Thank you!!


My son has had his EMFIT monitor for a few months now and although it’s been hooked up and ready to alert us, we’ve heard nothing (aside from the initial test during setup). Until today. He had a seizure in his sleep and the EMFIT let us know. While this doesn’t cure him, it allows me to give his doctors more data so they can help figure out why this is happening (changes in pressure, heat, migraines, etc. all seem to trigger seizures for him, but when his environment is steady they go away).

Thank you so much, both to Fund it Forward & to EMFIT for making my life a tiny bit less stressful and for helping my son’s doctors unlock the pieces of his puzzle.

Erin B

Shortly after Lily was diagnosed, I learned of the Emfit nighttime movement monitor! I reached out to the Chelsea Hutchison Foundation, and without hesitation, they provided us with the monitor that Lily needed so badly! With the blessing of this monitor, we can feel secure when we lay Lily down for a nap, or bed at night! It will sound an alarm if Lily seizes in her sleep, and allow us time to get to her with her emergency medication.

El Paso, Texas

My son has been in the hospital for 4 weeks as of yesterday. Status seizures on Monday night and was intubated. Just got out of PICU last night...long recovery ahead. A good note, the monitor sounded Monday night when the seizures began. It works...lifesaver.

Tom P.
New York

Thank you for making such an amazing product that has potentially saved so many lives. Because of The Danny Did Foundation providing my son with the Emfit monitor we have been alerted to many seizures we may not have ever caught before. My little one no longer expresses being fearful of going to sleep and I am able to have a better sense of security throughout the night.

Heather Cramer Gauger

The Emfit monitor has given me back my nights of sleep. I still wake every time he moves, but just knowing it’s not all on me to wake up to help him is such a blessing.

Luann Mitchell Helms

I just wanted to give your company a HUGE thank you!! I received the two emfit monitors last week (one for my daughter and one for my son). When we first set it up I wasn't sure if it was going to work because of the thickness of my daughters mattress. Well, it works GREAT!! It has reliably picked up tonic clonics and focal seizures. So far no issues with false alarms since it looks for sustained fast movements. Thank you so much for developing this great life changing product, and working so hard to get it to the families that need it most.

Trisha Gaddis Ulich

Thank-you!Thank-you!Thank-you! the monitor worked!! Last night my son had a seizure and the alarm went off and it woke me up!! Thank God!!

Nikki Burns-Lemke

We bought one of the Emfit monitors, for my husband, as a precautionary measure, with him having Epilepsy. Since our stress level in past year, I have caught several in his sleep, so in Dec. we purchased one (w/the special price then). Tonight it caught his 1st seizure. I'm having some anxiety, because his seizure have been fairly under control (its just been his stress in past year). But glad we had the monitor as a safety measure. He's in the deep sleep now, but if he has another one will have to call an ambulance. Please say a prayer for Jeff.

Mylissa Daniels

You provide awesome customer service! I have a 9 year old who is so excited to be back in her bed in her own room. The new sensor is working great!!!!

Shelia Burns Slusher

My son was diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 3. We were recommended Emfit by the Stantons, the founders of the Danny Did Foundation. Without Emfit, I know my husband and I would not be able to sleep soundly at night. We're so grateful for this technology to alert us in times of need.

Andrea Armour Trudeau

Anyone that has seizures should have this monitor!!! I have one for my son! I thank God that this device is available!!!! Educate yourself and others on epilepsy and SUDEP!!! Thank you Christine from Emfit and the Danny Did Foundation!!!!

Patricia Pace

Met the emfit reps today here in california. Just wanted to post letting anyone who is skeptikal know that this will give you PEACE OF MIND and will help you through your journey with epilepsy. This monitor is really something that everyone whom is diagnosed with should have. Althought the price can be difficult, if you can save for it like we did and make the purchase. It is one of the best decisions we have made for our family

Sydney Evans Verne

My son has seizures in his sleep nearly every night. We have had the Emfit Monitor for a couple years now. A few weeks ago, he vomited during a seizure and aspirated. Thankfully, the Emfit Monitor alerted us to his seizure and we were able to get him to the ER right away. I hate to think what could have happened if we didn't have the monitor.

Mary Anne Hood Schmidt

We wish someone would have told us about your company before it was too late. We are spreading the word of Epilepsy and teaching others, your name will be part of that. BLESS YOU!!!

In Memory of Andrew W. Shirley-Fight Epilepsy

The Emfit monitor is a necessary device for any child that has seizures during sleep. They allowed me to work out a payment plan so that I could have the monitor while paying it off! Anytime I had questions, they were always extremely helpful in explaining things. The Stanton family and Emfit (Christine) are a gift from God. They have made me aware of the dangers of epilepsy and have given me the tools to keep my child safe! I want to once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!

Patricia Pace

Danny Did is a truly wonderful organization. They provided us with a monitor for our two-year-old and it has changed our lives. It is terrifying to have a child with nighttime seizures, and our monitor is the only way we get any sleep. Thanks for supporting their good work!!!

Shannon Joyce Neal

Night three: Emfit does the job by alerting family to Jimmy's complex partial seizure! I had a feeling he was going into sleep seizures, now we know for certain. Thank you Emfit. It WORKS! Tears of gratitude from this frazzled mother.

Julie Young Salzbrunn

Hello, Emfit, my son received his monitor yesterday and he had fun setting the alarm off! The slightest tapping of his finger (like one of his partial seizures) and the alarm told us loudly, after 13 seconds! When he got up from the bed, it told us!! It is amazing that such a lightweight, small device can sense so much and alert us right away to potentially life threatening seizures or wandering. God Bless you for all you do for people like my son, Jimmy 10. I shall still be "the seizure dog" but now I have a helper (Your Monitor!) that never sleeps. I can sleep! Thank you thank you!

Dr. Julie Young Salzbrunn, D.C.

Recieved ours yesterday and alarm went off this morning when our son had a partial seizure- I have been his nightly monitor for a few months now and want those of you to know considering this system is worth every cent for the stress and worry that we have been under...thanks Danny Did and EMFIT.

Jenni Lout Mooney

Just recently recieved your movement monitor and I honestly believe it saved my son's life last night I can't bare to think what would of happened if we didn't have this A thousand thank yous go to you all !

Tammy Kindoll Doan

Our twin daughter have been using your seizure monitors for over a year now and it's been a true life saver...thank you Emfit!

Liz Coderre

One of the twins just had a seizure and we were able to administer Diastat...only lasted 15 minutes

Liz Coderre

My son had BRE and he had his 1st seizure tonight since getting the monitor and it worked!!! I am so thankful...thanks Emfit :)

Kimberley Ryan

The EMFIT monitor makes it possible for our Son Brynnon to sleep in his own bed. Without Danny Did we would have not known the risk of SUDEP. Brynnon (11) has seizures while sleeping. Danny Did helped us so much, we are so thankful for EMFIT and Danny Did!

Denise Marsh

Thanks so much for your monitor. We have had it for two months and it recently alerted us to serious seizures my nephew was having. An ambulance had to be called due to him not breathing. His seizures got so bad he lost his vision and couldn't walk or talk. He was hospitalized for three days and not one of the hospital staff knew of your monitor...It is a God send!

Veronica Reed

Last night our son Ben had a grand mal seizure around 1am and he was choking while seizing... had it not been for this monitor alerting us so we could stop it with diastat because he also has v-tach i don't know if he would be with us. SO

Kathryn Lamon Gurley

Thank you, thank you, thank you! LOVE our Emfit Movement Monitor. Our Son is sleeping in his own room for the first time in 4 years! A big shout out to Christine! We might have to adopt you! :) Thanks again!

Annette Maughan

I can't say enough nice things about this company and their movement monitor. For the first time in years, we have peace of mind when my daughter sleeps, and it DOES alarm during her grand mal seizures. I had my first question about the device today, and Christine was so helpful and patient with me until we got the settings correct. Our epileptologist is now using the devices in their Epilepsy Monitoring Unit. Thanks, Christine and Emfit!

Ashley Cartee Hagg

We have had our monitor for 2 months now and cannot thank you enough for the peace of mind it brings. Our 7 yr old daughter suffers from clustered, tonic/clonic seizures that put her at risk for a scary and dangerous status seizure...thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Leah Chevallier

Christine, thank you so very much for your incredible patience helping us with this monitor for Ben! He had his first seizure when he was three and eight years ago went into cardiac arrest briefly when he had a seizure and v-tach. We have tried heart and breathing monitors but this one is AMAZING..we are so very grateful for this monitor and your kindness. Every one or at least every child with epilepsy needs this monitor. The possibility of having a seizure while sleeping is terrifying for the whole family..thank u!!

Kathryn Lamon Gurley

This monitor is amazing....we are all sleeping peacefully now, thank you so much Emfit & Danny Did :)

Kimberley Ryan

We received our monitor last Monday and absolutely LOVE it! Thank you for your time, genuine concern, and prompt response, Christine! Have told many friends whose children suffer from intractable seizures about this monitor as well as my pediatrician, etc. I have slept better the last week than I have in 11 years! It has gone off several times and DOES work, even for some tonic seizures my daughter has had. This company is amazing.

Ashley Cartee Hagg

Life before our movement monitor was filled with anxiety, especially as bed time drew closer. Both my husband and I would be up countless times a night just to check on our daughter. Now, thanks to emfit we sleep better knowing that it will definitely alert us to anything abnormal. I feel like I can breathe easier and I am much less stressed at night!

Kim Nolte 

My daughter was born with a severe seizure disorder. Thanks to emfit she is sleeping in her own room in her own bed for the first time in her life. She is 14. The monitor is working perfectly for her! Unbelievable!

Lori Coppola Leskin

Hello, I'm from Argentina, my daughter suffers from seizures and the truth is I am very grateful to Emfit, because now I can sleep better than before. Thanks to Christine Ocean for being so patient with me and communicating very well on the phone. It is a pleasure to know (about Emfit) and glad Emfit is on Facebook. I discovered the monitor on Extreme Home Makeover, but in the credits they did not say which company had provided the sensor. So after some time I googled and found the Emfit sensor. I’m thankful that both (Extreme Home Makeover & Emfit) exist because it was the solution of my life and for my daughter especially. If anyone has any questions on Facebook about the monitor, I am at your disposal. Greetings... Thank you Christine Ocean.


We have had our movement monitor about a month now.. My family has not slept so well in many months! My son finally feels safe again in his bed.. This product is a God Send! Thanks Emfit! Again, anyone needing questions answered from someone who owns this unit, contact me via FB or ... I'll be happy to talk with you.

Marie Cranford Smith

"We wanted to take a moment to say thank you, again, for the Emfit monitor you gave us two and a half years ago. Why today? Our son “ E” just finished weaning off of his seizure medication today, and that monitor is a major reason why. We were able to say with confidence that he’d been seizure-free for two years, and we know if he ever has another one the monitor will alert us. I cannot express how much it has meant to us to be able to monitor his nighttime seizures in this way; to let him sleep in his own bed, to let me sleep without the anxiety of him having a undetected seizure. Thank you so much for all you do. We are forever grateful to you for making us aware of SUDEP and giving us the support we needed to make sure our son would not fall victim to it."

The Neal family
via Danny Did Foundation

“We also want to express our gratitude for the funding you so generously provided our family to assist in the purchase of the Emfit Movement Monitor for our son. We are so impressed with this equipment and ended up buying a second sensor since he is in a full size bed. This is really a great piece of equipment and so sophisticated with no false alarms! Luckily, “M” has not had any further seizures since his initial episode and he has been very happy and healthy. However, we want to stay on top of monitoring him and this has helped tremendously to put our minds at ease knowing that he can be in his own room at night.”

The Brannon family
via Danny Did Foundation

“The Emfit Monitor has been working amazing for “J.” We were so shocked at the amount of seizures that he was having during the night that we were not aware of prior! One night the monitor went off and we ran into his room to find him seizing and turning blue. Had we not had the Emfit monitor I honestly believe we would have lost “J” that night.”

The Beahm family
via Danny Did Foundation

“Our nephew was recently in ICU for a week following a series of bad seizures. The Emfit monitor did just what is was supposed to and alerted us so we could get him the immediate medical attention he needed! The monitor has now alerted us three times of seizures, twice in the middle of the night and once at naptime. I don’t know what I would have done if it weren’t The Danny Did Foundation and the Emfit monitor. I can’t thank you all enough for the peace of mind you have given us.”

via Danny Did Foundation

I know that I looked for feedback EVERYWHERE on this Emfit unit prior to purchasing – I actually spoke to a fan on this page via telephone prior to ordering...I wanted to make myself available for feedback if anyone needs it from a normal consumer...I personally own the unit for my 10 year old son who has been diagnosed with Rolondic and Complex Partial Epilepsy. Two Thumbs Up EMFIT!

Marie Cranford Smith

Just came back from a Spring Break trip where we travelled with the Emfit. Easy to set up at the hotel and wonderful to have that extra layer of protection, especially as new adventures and changes in schedules can lead to increased seizure activity. Wouldn’t leave home with out it – thanks EMFIT!

Nina Hunt Otchis

We don’t go to sleep without the security of our son’s Emfit monitor “watching” over him for us during the night! Thanks to the monitor we have been woken in the wee hours of the a.m. to find our son in a major gran mal seizure! We would have never known otherwise. Now we can sleep like normal people!

Anita Winters Herold

“The movement monitor has helped in so many ways, and has given me much needed rest. Before the monitor, I was afraid of sleeping because I didn't want “B” to need me and me not hear her during the night. After the monitor, I have assurance that if she has a severe seizure that I will in fact hear the alarm. She had been seizure free for several months, but within the past month she has started seizing again. They had to add another medication to aid in her existing medication to control her seizures. In fact, tomorrow I have to do an increase on her new medication until they get her at the particular dose that they want her at. So far, she has been seizure free for a week. She is also getting better sleep since she has the movement monitor because before I made her wear a bracelet of bells to bed which would wake her up during the night if she slightly moved. I want to thank you again and everyone at the Danny Did Foundation for all of their dedication and hard work to make the Foundation possible to aid in awareness and placement of the movement monitors.”

via Danny Did Foundation

“The monitor works great! We purchased two others from Christine at Emfit for the kids and they each have their own so we have three total. With our nocturnal epilepsy it has been interesting some nights but we are very thankful to have them all. Its amazing how all of us have very different types of seizures but the Emfit monitor can help all of us. Thank you again for everything you and your family do to help people like us learn about this life saving device. We can't imagine our lives without our monitors.”

via Danny Did Foundation

During our Bake For Danny bake sale we had the opportunity to share your seizure safety brochures with about 50 people. People were pleased to learn that the Danny Did Foundation not only raises awareness, but has also put so many movement monitors in the hands of families that need them. The monitor has helped our family in so many ways and has given me some much needed rest. Before the monitor, I was afraid of sleeping because I didn’t want my daughter to need me and I wouldn’t hear her. After the monitor, I have assurance that if she has a severe seizure I will in fact hear the alarm. I thank everyone at the foundation for all of their hard work and their commitment to raising awareness and to the placement of these monitors. Merry Christmas!

Monroe, MI

We have received our Emfit Monitor and last night, for the first time in almost 3 months, our son Michael was able to sleep in his own bed by himself. The last few months have been stressful and I finally feel that we are on the right track. I also want to thank you for taking the time to talk to me about doctors who specialize in epilepsy. We have met with Dr. Asconope from Loyola and are very happy with the direction he wants to take things. Without your advice I do not believe we would be in the place we are now. The Danny Did Foundation has educated me more than any other resource I have found. I am profoundly sorry for the loss that you and your family have experienced. Every night, when I look into Michael’s eyes and say “goodnight” to him I think of Danny. I know he is saving lives and giving families the strength and knowledge to move forward when living a life with epilepsy. Thank you again.

From Lisa,
Oak Lawn, IL

I really could not even express my gratitude to your foundation today. I did not even realize how much I was holding in until you offered me the movement monitor today, and that was when all my emotions came to the surface. I feel that I was blessed today, and maybe you gave my son a chance that he may not have had. It is people and foundations like you all that make the planet a better place. To take care of our fellow humans, is the epitome in living. Please let me know how I can help your foundation up here in Canada.

From Adrienne,
British Columbia, Canada 

I have shared, and will continue to share, with people everywhere, the goodness and education that Danny Did Foundation spreads every day. Danny Stanton lives on through your loving actions. You have single-handedly raised sudep awareness and surely have saved countless lives because of this awareness and promotion of the Emfit monitor! Perhaps even my own son’s life has been saved, as I am alerted to nighttime seizures. This is personal. This is profound. This is love. FOREVER INDEBTED.

From Julie,

Thank youto Danny, the Stanton Family, and everyone that makes the Danny Did Foundation possible. My wife and I cannot explain the relief we feel knowing there is a place to turn for answers as well as support during these trying times. Based on the reviews of the EMFIT, I just know it will make our lives much less stressful during the night.

From Joe and Andrea,

I have been reading about Danny and want to tell you what a beautiful boy Danny is! I know he is alive in your heart, his spirit lives on because of the wonderful things you are doing in his name for people with epilepsy. Thank you. Because of the Danny Did Foundation and your spreading of awareness of SUDEP and the Emfit seizure monitor, we have been able to get an EMFIT monitor for our son Jimmy’s bed. The wonderful folks there offered us a $50 per month payment plan, God Bless them! The monitor has already caught 3 night time seizures that I did not know were happening. I am so profoundly grateful for the tireless efforts of the entire Stanton Family and friends in raising awareness of SUDEP and all the things you do to prevent SUDEP it in another person.

From Julie,

Danny Did . . . educate and promote the awareness I needed for my son Austin. Thanks to you, we recieved and used the EMFIT last night and it alarmed me early this morning of a seizure. What an inspiration Danny was, is, and will continue to be...THANK YOU! Lives are being saved and changed. What a blessing your Danny is to us.

From Jenni,
Shelbyville, TX

We can’t thank you enough for all your generosity. We will always be thankful for everything that you have done to help our family. Caleb went to the hospital this weekend because he went into Status Epilepticus and in our dealings with the hospitals we are determined to make others SUDEP and epilepsy aware. We were shocked at how unfamiliar people are in their dealings with epilepsy. Please let us know how we can help spread the word. We feel as though everyone living with epilepsy needs to have a monitor and that everyone should be aware of how serious epilepsy really is. We want to help any way we can.

From the Nash Family,

Once again, I want to thank you for helping us keep our son safe at night while he sleeps! Since our son too only has had seizures during sleep, this monitor allows us to monitor him during sleep and he feels more secure too! Let’s hope in the near future a cure is found for epilepsy, but for now, there are tools out there to protect our loved ones. Thank you again to the Stantons!!! You are truly remarkable individuals!!!!!

From Patricia,
New York

I wish to take this time to let you know how much I appreciate your purchasing this monitor for my daughter. I can now allow my daughter to sleep in her bed and I will be able to sleep better, knowing that the monitor will alarm if needed. I have posted about your organization on my Facebook and my sister has agreed to put a link on her web site. Again, Thank You So Much for all you do!

From Angie,

Your story brings tears to my eyes as we have been navigating clustered, tonic-clonic seizures with our 7 yr old for the past year. Several of her worst events have been while falling asleep or waking up and with her history, she is at risk for status seizures. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done to bring awareness to SUDEP. I learned about it on the DannyDid website and I ordered my Emfit monitor two weeks later. I hope to pioneer for the monitor in Canada and get it approved by health care insurance companies here to make it attainable for anybody with a loved one suffering with epilepsy. You are a blessing and inspiration to all of us parents navigating this world of seizures.

From Leah,
Calgary, AB

I wanted to send you a little update on how my son has been doing with his Emfit monitor that you sent us from Danny Did! It’s been so great! It really has changed our world in just over the past month! The first night that we got it and we told our son he would be able to sleep in his own bed again, the relief and happiness on his face was priceless! It has been working for us...there have been a few nights now that the monitor has alerted us to Caleb seizing. At first, I was so nervous and so anxious of it maybe not working or something. It really was like when he was a newborn and the first night of putting him in his own room all over again. I have to admit, I didn’t get much sleep the first week but after the first time that it showed me it does work and we can rely on it to alert us...we’ve all been sleeping a lot better. He has been much happier and my husband and I are happy to have our room back to ourselves again! It’s a big comfort to know he can feel like a normal kid again but still be safe. So thank you again, from the bottom of our hearts! We really do appreciate this so very much! Danny is always in our hearts! I’ll always think of Danny as my little boy’s guardian angel!

From Rachel,
South Carolina

"I truly believe your product saved my daughter's life the other night. She started having a tonic clonic seizure at 2am and the only way we would have known is by the bed alarm going off. We had to stop her seizure by administering emergency medication and I don't even want to think about what would have happened if we had not been alerted. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"


"Just set up (my son's) monitor yesterday! It was put to the test last night as he had 2 tonic/clonic seizures...its amazing, I wasnt sure it was working but yes it is! 

Thank you for this wonderful monitor!"


"I am so in love with this little piece of technology! My daughter has a seizure disorder and last night this little sucker went off for the first time and we were able to prevent a huge grandmal because it caught the focal motors she has before a grandmal! Thank you for inventing something that works and that can save lives!"

Alyasia O'Neal

"After 3 years with the Emfit movement monitor watching over our son for us at night, we are still amazed that the alarm gets it right every time and we are able to intervene to give him aid during his seizures! I can't think of any other device or piece of equipment for our son, Cameron, who has multiple disabilities, that has been as life changing as the Emfit Movement Monitor! If you are wondering if this would be a good thing for your loved one with a seizure disorder, take it from us, it is! The support from Emfit makes it even more amazing, Christine Ocean-Rintala is always there when we need her to answer questions or concerns! We Love Emfit!!"

Anita Winters Herold

“My 4 year old daughter was diagnosed with Epilepsy 17 months ago. All 30+ seizures have happened while she was sleeping and the first 12 months were a nightmare. I don't recall us sleeping at all during that time and when we did I remember the fear of waking up and not knowing what we would find with our baby. Since April when we purchased the Emfit unit "all" of her seizures have been caught by the monitor and we are alerted in enough time to administer medication to bring her out without needing medical help. The fact that we can sleep soundly every night having faith in this monitor to alert us has helped with our family’s quality of life. Also I have never worked with a company that goes above and beyond like Emfit has to help us after the purchase. With their help we were able to get reimbursement from our insurance for this unit. This Emfit unit is truly a lifesaver for our daughter.”

Doug & Deana Reed
Bethel Park, Pennsylvania

“This morning the monitor saved my son's life. We were alerted in the early hours of the morning that he was in the throes of a major status seizure. It was so early we would have never known he was having an issue - he could have easily aspirated as he had vomited during the seizure. We are so thankful that we were able to get one of your monitors and forever grateful. We can sleep easily for the first time in 12 years!”

Anita Herold & Family
Beaverton, Oregon

Bliven Family“Before having the Emfit Movement Monitor, I would sleep in my son Aaron’s room, afraid that he might have a seizure and I wouldn’t realize it. The Emfit Movement Monitor has eased the stress that I felt leaving Aaron alone in his room. I have complete trust in the Emfit Movement Monitor and I can finally receive a good night’s sleep. That is priceless!!!!”

Michelle Bliven
Minot, North Dakota
(Bliven Family featured on Extreme Home Makeover)

"We purchased an Emfit Movement Monitor on our own from one of your overseas suppliers a little over a year ago. Our daughter has seizures that have never stopped on their own and almost always at night (stopped by Diastat). They are, thankfully, fairly rare, occurring perhaps once every couple of months. On at least two occasions, when we didn't catch the seizure with the baby monitor (for various reasons), we credit the Emfit monitor with potentially saving our daughter's life."

Jeremy Hilton
Montogomery, Alabama

"I cannot tell you what a relief this has been to me as a mother…but also to my son. He is a child and it worries him that we wont be there if he were to have a seizure. However, for all of our sanity we had to have a solution to sleepless nights. I have no qualms about recommending the Emfit Monitor. The device is a God-send and customer service is amazing."

Marie Smith
Laurel, Mississippi

"Just to let you know, the first night we used the monitor our son got up at 4:30am and the alarm went off. Had we not had the monitor we would not have heard him. Also today (after having a seizure on the way home from school), he was sleeping it off and we turned the monitor on and I am so thankful we did. The alarm alerted us to a second seizure."

Leslie Moccia
San Antonio, Texas

"The Movement Monitor has changed our lives, I can't thank you enough! Our son is now able to be back sleeping in his own bedroom (and out of ours) now that we have a monitor to let us know if he has a seizure. I wish I could explain the relief we feel as parents to have something like this."

Jeanne Garske
Wantagh, New York

Samantha Leiter

"I was searching for something that would provide me the peace of mind to detect if Sammie was having a seizure, or even worse, would stop breathing because she choked. Emfit’s Movement Monitor (Alarm) has been our answer. It is easy to use, senses seizure movement or no movement at all. It provides me with a sense of relief that it runs on batteries just in case of a power failure, and it is portable! Whether at home or on vacation, we have protection for Samantha. The Emfit Movement Monitor has provided me with peace of mind that I am doing everything I can to protect my daughter."

Amy Leiter
Atlanta, Georgia

"We purchased the "Motion Detector" for my son in June and set it up as soon as it arrived. I was beginning to wonder if it worked, since it hadn't gone off. James had had several seizures during the day, so I just wasn't sure; until Saturday morning that is. At 0500 the alarm went off. James was having a petit mal seizure that we never would have heard with just the baby monitor. James had a total of 5 seizures before we got them stopped with Diastat. Without the motion detector we would have only known about the last seizure, a grand mal, which would have delayed the administration of the Diastat.

James is 21 and we have been living with his seizures for 12 years.

Thank you for your product!!"

William Grochola 
Tucson, AZ

"My daughter was born with a severe seizure disorder. Thanks to Emfit she is sleeping in her own room in her own bed for the first time in her life. She is 14. The monitor is working perfectly for her! Unbelievable!"

Lori Coppola

I wanted to personally thank you for your help on purchasing this mat. Our daughter had another seizure at 4.30am on the weekend and was picked up immediately through the mat and alerted me. With her seizures being prolonged this mat def saved my beautiful girl from laying in bed for hrs till I checked on her.

If you have anyone hesitant in spending the money give then my details I would be happy to recommend. 


I would like to pass onto your company how satisfied our organization is with the Epi- Assist Epilepsy bed mat, this product has filled a need which has been an area of concern for people living with epilepsy and their families for a long time.

The Epilepsy Association of South Australia and The Northern Territory has been providing and installing the Epi-Assist Epilepsy bed mat into our client base with outstanding results. The feed back from the clients that have decided to use the Epi-Assist bed mat has been very positive.

The reliability of the Epi- Asist bed mat allows the family and carers to have piece of mind that their loved ones are being reliably monitored in the time of a convulsive seizure.

The Epi- Asist bed mat is extremely easy to install and set up which also gives clients piece of mind that they can take the mat with them when they go away on a holiday and not worry that setting the mat up will be a lengthy and complicated process.

Mark Francis
Client Services Manager

When our daughters Isabella and Emily were both diagnosed as being epileptic it sent our family into complete panic. My wife and I struggled through this for over 12months not being able to sleep at night in fear of one of the girls having an attack with fatal consequences.

We attended one of the many meetings held by the epilepsy association to help us understand the many hurdles that confronted us as a family, at one of these meetings we were given a brochure and informed of your Emfit bed mat.

I am contacting your company to voice my pleasure in the decision my wife and myself made to purchase the mat from your company Epi –Assist Pty Ltd.

The girls have had the occasional seizure and I am pleased to say the bed mat operated exactly as you and the manual described. The ease of installing the mat is a major benefit as we are able to take the mats with us when we go on holidays

We both feel now that at least we have the piece of mind that if a seizure does take place that we are at hand immediately to take the appropriate steps.

I have told many people about this wonderful product and if any person wishes to contact me I would have no hesitation of recommending its use.

Neil Gibson / Metford

Sorry to have taken so long to write this. We purchased the Epi-Assist in December and we were skeptical that it may not work for our son who is just 17 months old. He has Epilepsy but also another condition he has is Cerebral Palsy so he had a lot of tonic movement especially when he sleeps.

I ordered the mat on Thursday and to my surprise it came Friday. Very quick delivery. We went to set it up Sunday and were having trouble so out of sheer luck I called the 1800 number and we got some help. We couldn't believe we got someone on a Sunday. John Burgess was so so helpful. Sunday night it was ready to go. But unfortunately it was going off constantly due to his movements. He was not having seizures.

I then spoke to John on Monday and we changed some settings and since then it has been all systems go. It works great for William, yes stills goes off once in a blue just due to movements but it also goes off for his seizures. It has given us a lot of peace of mind and some sleep for a change. 

I cannot thank John enough for his help and also to the company for being so quick for service. I would recommend this product for anyone, yes it is expensive but worth every penny.

Thank you again

Marielle Allan

I just wish to say how important our epi assist mat has been to me and my partner, Anthony. Our 4 year son, Liam, started having tonic clonic seizures in June of this year. To say it has been the worse few months of our lives would be understating its impact.

Liam’s seizures are predominately nocturnal. They can last anywhere from 10 seconds to 5 minutes plus. It is vital that we know if he is having a seizure, and with the seizures being silent, we need an audible warning. It would be nice to say we could stay awake 24 hours a day to keep our eyes on him, but that is just not an option. Without sleep we all fall apart completely.

With the epi-assist mat on his own bed, in his own room, Liam is able to sleep in his own bed. Anthony and I can get some much needed sleep as well, even if it is only between seizures. We also have the door bell, which makes sure the alarm is very audible, even if we happen to be the other end of the house. It gives me more peace of mind then I could possibly put into words. On bad nights, I have also moved Liam and his mat onto our bed, just because I feel like I need him near. 

I have also taken this mat into hospital with us, on a number of occasions. It would be very easy to take away, when we can work up the courage… It is extremely easy to set up. 

I could not possibly put into words how much I recommend this product. And, I can assure you, I am not using these words lightly.

Thank you for reading this. I wish you every bit of peace in this challenge that is epilepsy.

Anne Spiteri


In this FAQ page we'll try to answer some of the most frequently asked questions. If we’re not able to answer your question here, please feel free to email us at or call us at 877-32EMFIT!

1. Will insurance cover the Movement Monitor?

We currently do not submit claims to insurance companies, so before you purchase the monitor you should contact your provider to see if they will cover the monitor under a miscellaneous code. A doctor’s script along with a letter of medical necessity may improve your chances of receiving reimbursement. You can call our office for more specific instructions, including which code might be used. The Movement Monitor is not classified as a Medical Device and is intended for General Population Use.

2. What is included in this system?

The Movement Monitor is easy to install with only two components to worry about: the durable, under-mattress sensor and the control unit that can be mounted on the wall or placed at bed-side.

3. Will the monitor work with the mattress type we have?

The Movement Monitor is designed to work with all types of mattresses, including foam, memory-shape, spring, and extra-thick varieties. Factory settings work for most situations, but there is a sensitivity adjustment inside of the control unit if you need to make changes.

4. Will the Movement Monitor work well with larger Full, Queen, or King-sized beds?

The Movement Monitor will work with any sized bed, as long as the individual does not move too far away from the sensor (ideally placed below the chest area). In the event that someone is particularly restless and has a tendency to roll around quite a bit, an additional sensor can be added and connected to the same control unit. Please call our office if you need to order an additional sensor.

5. Where does the sensor go?

The sensor is placed BENEATH the mattress, on top of the box spring, or other flat surface. If you have a platform bed with slats, a piece of plywood (3’ x 2’) can be used, and the sensor can be placed on top of that. This will prevent the sensor from bending in between the open spaces. For children under 35 pounds we recommend that the sensor be placed on top of the mattress and below a mattress pad or foam topper. This will help prevent wear and tear of the sensor. Please test thoroughly before putting into use, and be sure to conduct weekly tests to make sure everything is functioning normally.

6. Are there any weight restrictions?

No, the monitor can be used for anyone, regardless of age or weight.

7. Will the alarm alert us to someone exiting the bed?

The Movement Monitor includes an optional bed exit alarm feature which comes factory disabled. An alarm will sound within 5 seconds of someone exiting the bed. This feature can be enabled inside of the control unit. Please refer to the manual for more details.

8. Will I be able to hear the alarm in a different room?

The monitor emits a high-frequency alarm that is designed to carry, especially at night when all daytime noises are eliminated. We do offer an optional remote monitor that will alarm up to 900 feet from the main control unit at bedside. A baby monitor placed next to the control unit is also an option to consider.

9. How do I prevent false alarms?

The Movement Monitor is well known and has been clinically validated for NOT producing false alarms, and should only be alarming to faster movement activity.  Alarms can occur when the optional bed exit alarm feature is in use and sensitivity is not adjusted correctly, or if an individual is particularly restless (excessive scratching, fitful sleep, etc.). If an alarm does occur during normal faster movements, we recommend you set the adjustable preset delay to a higher setting (adjustment levels can be set to 10, 13, 16, & 20 seconds).


10. Why is the red LED light flashing on the front of the control unit?

  • Is Cable plugged in?
  • Red light blinking ever second time blue light blinks: The batteries need to be replaced.
  • Red light blinking same speed as the blue light: Sensor is damaged.

Please refer to manual for all trouble-shooting issues or contact our office at (512) 266-6950 or 877-32EMFIT.

11. How is the Movement Monitor different from other alarm systems?

Along with having very sophisticated, customized software that is built into the control unit, and being the only monitoring system on the market to receive independent clinical validation, our sensor is more sensitive than what is currently available. The sensor is made of Emfit’s special proprietary and patented electro-active polymer which produces small electric signals from any movement, even the very slightest ones.

12. How soon will I receive the monitor?

Within 3 to 5 business days of order being placed, or no more than 10-14 days if out of stock. Add an additional 5 to 7 days if shipping to Canada.

13. What is the Return Policy and Warranty?

Emfit offers a 30-day money-back guarantee (excluding shipping costs), and a one-year warranty on all manufacturer defective parts.

14. Can I travel with this?

Absolutely! The monitor is portable, and travels easily - even through airport security. The system is easy to set up with virtually every type of mattress, and can provide much needed security during a family vacation. It is recommended that you use the original box to transport the monitor to avoid bending and possibly damaging the sensor. Please remember to test monitor before putting into use as settings may need to be adjusted to the type of bed being used.

15. How long do the batteries last, and what type should I use?

Battery power can last about 2-3 months. The red LED light will flash on the control unit and you will hear an audible beeping sound when battery power is running low. Please replace with good quality, non-expired AA alkaline batteries only. DO NOT USE LITHIUM OR RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES!

16. Do you offer a remote alarm?

Yes, we offer an optional plug-in remote unit that will alarm up to 900 feet from the control unit.

17. Are replacement parts available?

Yes, regardless of a manufacturer defect or damage that occurs on the user’s side, there are options available for repair or replacement of all parts.

18. Will the Movement Monitor interfere with other electronic devices being used?

No, the Emfit Movement Monitor does not transmit any signal and will not interfere with other electronic devices.

19. What happens if the sensor gets wet?

It is unlikely to happen because the sensor goes beneath the mattress. Sensor is encased in a waterproof cover which can be wiped dry and cleaned with a damp cloth.