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Jun 1, 2013

Assessment of a Quasi-Piezoelectric Mattress Monitor as a Detection System for Generalized Convulsions – Epilepsy & Behavior

Dr. Schuele and his team at Northwestern University Feinburg School of Medicine have published their assessment of the Emfit Movement Monitor in the prestigious, internationally renowned online journal, Epilepsy & Behavior!

"The device demonstrated a high sensitivity and specificity in the awake state and was 100% accurate during sleep."

"No false positives occurred during sleep suggesting that the device would unlikely cause alarm fatigue for caregivers."

"The data suggests that the Emfit detection device has a high predictive value for generalized convulsions, offers caregivers a reliable and early warning to assist patient during convulsions, and may be a novel way to prevent SUDEP." The full article is available by online subscription, but abstract can be reviewed: